Knowing the different body shapes

Do you know the different body shapes and what yours is? The most common ones are apple, pear, hourglass, but the list can go on. Do you know what clothes are best suited for your specific body type?

Every body is different. You may fall into one category or fall into multiple categories, and that’s perfectly okay! No matter what your particular body shape is, every body is beautiful and every body deserves to be dressed to perfection.

In today’s post, we share some of our favorite tips on finding the best types of clothing for different body shapes.

How to dress for different body shapes

Apple-shape bodies

You have an apple-shaped body if you have broader shoulders, a wider torso, and a fuller bust. You are proportionate and have an undefined waistline.

Suggested tops: The most flattering tops for apple-shaped bodies are anything with a V-neck to show off those collarbones!

Suggested bottoms: The best bottoms for apple-shaped bodies are flared, boot cut, and straight-legged. This helps draw attention to your legs rather than keep your top too heavy.

What to avoid: Stay away from tops that have a higher neckline, clingy clothes, and baggy clothes. The goal is to define your shape in the best way possible.

Pear-shape bodies

If you have hips and thighs that are wider than your bust and shoulders, you’re considered pear shaped.

Suggested tops: The best tops for pear-shaped bodies are ones that have fun prints or show off your shoulders. This directs more attention to your top rather than your hip area.

Suggested bottoms: Choosing a darker colored bottom to pair with a brighter colored top will draw more attention to your top. High-waisted bottoms are an ideal pick to elongate the legs for a better balance.

What to avoid: Pants that are too low and skirts that are too short and tight. You want to highlight your top portion and not make your bottom appear too big. Try achieving balance on both your upper and lower body.

Hourglass-shape bodies

Curvy, defined waist, with a bust and hip that are equal in width. These are the characteristics of a body that’s an hourglass shape.

Suggested tops: Tops with scoop necks or boat necks work best for curvy bodies. The curve of the neckline shows off your collarbones and highlights your bust in a modest fashion.

Suggested bottoms: Wide-leg or high-waisted bottoms look flattering on hourglass shape figures. Your goal is to emphasize your well-defined waist so drawing attention to it by adding volume can achieve this.

What to avoid: Like pear-shape bodies, try to stay away from tops that have a higher neckline. This creates an illusion of a bulky bust.

Also try to avoid shapeless clothing. Doing so can make you appear boxy and lose your curvy shape. You can always add on a belt to your waist if you absolutely love a flowy or shapeless piece.

More suggestions

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