Are Warmies Slippers Part of Your Nightly Routine?

Are these fun, microwavable, and warm slippers for women part of your bedtime routine? Yes, you read that right. Microwavable slippers for women! Proudly featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2019, Warmies Slippers & Booties are the hottest trends for women’s house slippers this year.

warmies slippers in snowy white

Warmies slippers in snowy white

Bring them to work with you and secretly slip them on under your desk.

Or pack them into your overnight bag for your next trip out of town.

Or you can have them waiting by the door after a chilly day outside.

But most importantly, you can make them part of your ritual before going to bed.

Jewelie’s Boutique has the scoop on how to use them, the benefits it offers, and how to get your hands on them just in time for the holiday season.

Your Nightly Routine & Warmies Slippers Products

Is your bedtime routine the best it can be? We want to share a few ideas to ensure you’re making the most out of this crucial part of your day.

  • Let your dinner settle. Allow yourself some time for your food to digest. So eat a couple hours before bedtime so you don’t go to sleep with a full stomach.
  • Keep yourself warm. Take a warm bath or shower before you hop into bed. You can’t relax if you’re freezing. Let your body know it’s getting closer to bedtime by warming it up.
  • Protect those feet. Did you know keeping your feet warm prevents them from becoming dry during the winter months? Once you finish the other steps in your nightly routine, end the night by moisturizing your feet and slipping on your favorite pair of Warmies to keep them nice and toasty.

Once you start turning these simple tips into habits, you can get a more restful sleep without having to hit that snooze button again and again.

How Warmies Products Work

For most working and professional women, they come home after their 9-5 to get ready for dinner and unwind. Some may be busy moms and need some well-deserved alone time after chasing around little ones all day.

No matter how tough your day was or what category you fall under, the Warmies heated slippers and booties are there to greet you and soothe you. Like a reliable best friend.

So your day is nearly done and you’re ready to jump into your bedtime routine.

warmies slippers in tawny print

Warmies slippers in tawny print

Your dinner is fully digested. You’ve taken a warm bath or shower. And you’ve changed into something more comfortable.

Pajamas? Check.
Robe? Check.
How about your Warmies? Check!

Once you’ve settled in for your much needed relaxation time, follow these simple steps to start experiencing ultimate comfort:

  1. Pop your Warmies slippers or booties in the microwave for 90 seconds
  2. Carefully take them out of the microwave
  3. Plop on your couch or bed
  4. And slide the heated slippers on!

Ah, nirvana.

No more scrambling around trying to get your feet warmed up or wearing multiple layers of socks! Once you slip these on, you’ll be able to warm up your feet and the rest of your body in no time.

You can heat these up in the microwave over and over again, making them a great investment for those in search of women’s house slippers.

Health Benefits of Warmies Products

Warmies not only provides heated, warm slippers for women but a total spa experience.

Did we mention these heated slippers and booties are lightly scented with a hint of lavender? So not only will you enjoy the warmth, but you’ll also enjoy complete relaxation with all the benefits lavender has to offer.

And this soothing scent provides plenty. The fragrance of lavender is believed to have therapeutic benefits. It offers natural remedies that may help improve sleep, reduce pain, and strengthen mental health.

warmies booty in snowy white

Warmies booty in snowy white

  • No more tossing and turning. Before going to sleep at night, make sure to wear your Warmies as part of your bedtime routine to achieve a better night’s sleep.
  • Ditch the pain medications to try something more natural instead. The slippers and booties are perfect after an exhausting day at the office or workout session. If you come home with aching feet, microwave your Warmies slippers or booties to wear for the rest of the night. Your feet will thank you for relieving the pain.
  • Say good night to overworked brains. Improve your mood and reduce your stress and anxiety levels by basking in the pleasant lavender scent in each pair of Warmies slippers and booties.

Talk about a game changer for your new bedtime routine! Isn’t it time to turn off your brain and let yourself relax so you can wake up refreshed each morning?

“My feet are always cold and the only thing I wear around the house during winter time is Warmies slippers! I’ve heated these up hundreds of times and the lavender is just as strong as the first time! These are my go-to gift for every woman on my list who need heated slippers and they love them too!”
–Stacey H., proud owner & avid wearer of Warmies Slippers

Where You Can Get Your Own Pair

warmies booty in tawny print

Warmies booty in tawny print

Now that you know all the benefits these warm slippers for women has to offer for your nightly routine, the final question remains: How do I get my hands on these babies?!

Head over to our Featured Products page to choose your favorite print and color. But fair warning: because of the growing popularity over these items (thanks to Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2019!), order your pair of these women’s house slippers before they’re all gone!

Did you also know Warmies makes stuffed animals too? Let your young ones reap the same health and therapeutic benefits these products have to offer.

Toss in the microwave before handling for the ultimate soothing experience. Pick their favorite animal in Warmies form!

Do you have specific questions or comments about the footwear or toys? Reach out to any of the ladies at Jewelie’s Boutique for better assistance. We love hearing from you!